GiiCREATES is a creative agency that helps small business's, start ups and non-profits build, expand and re-brand their companies with an affordable budget.


Most budgets are too small to hire the established, full-service agencies that undoubtedly have the capacity and skills the project requires. But the small agencies and freelance teams that have the skills, availability, and better pricing, are next to impossible to find. 


GiiCREATES was designed to solve this problem.

So what is a creative agency? 

We are a company that offers a combination of design, brand identity, brand strategy and event planning.

GiiCREATES is a one stop shop with a twist. We are here to help create a vision or pull one together, so you don't have to worry about coming to us with "your shit together". We love to help our clients reach their fullest potential, so let's bounce ideas around and get our creative juices flowing together.

Why not see what our professionals can do for you? There’s no cost or obligation to submit a creative consultation.



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Click & Explore!